26 Yr Old London Flight Attendant Makes Millions During Forced COVID Leave


Michelle Walker, a 27 year old flight attendant from London, was put on unpaid leave due to the coronavirus. But instead of vegging out on the coach – like a lot of her colleagues were doing – she decided to take action.

After a few failed attempts with a local bank investor she realised she couldn’t count on the regular institutions anymore, and tried her hand on something less conventional…

Just a couple weeks before the lockdown Michelle started talking with a business class passenger who is a former Wall Street banker. He told Michelle about this revolutionnaire investing program for private investors who are working from home. After working with it for over 3 years he told her how the system uses proven algorithms but does not necessarily need any financial in depth knowledge to start with. It’s perfect for private investors who want to generate a second income or invest their pension with massive gains.

“With just £ 283 left on my spare account, I found an alternative investment opportunity that made a LOT more sense.” – Michelle

“Before I knew about this investment system I tried a lot of side hustles , like investing in a company that sells home workout videos. It turns out that almost every gym does that for free nowadays, so I burned through my savings pretty quickly. With just £ 283 left on my spare account, I found an alternative investment opportunity that made a LOT more sense.”

When Michelle Walker got home she googled and found the trading platform that the former wall street banker was talking about. According to financial experts it’s using big data and machine learning to automatically decide when it’s the best time to buy low and sell high. The algorithm this system uses, basically maximises the user’s profit while eradicating any errors that humans in these situations might make. The high profit margins caused by this, allowed users to start investing with a significantly smaller amount than a bank usually asks, eliminating the risk even further.

“If I invested just a bit more I would have made six times my month’s salary in just one week! – Michelle

Michelle decided to deposit the minimum amount, as she did not have much left in her savings account. A decision that was a bit too cautious in hindsight, as it landed her a 1523% profit in the first week. If she invested her full savings she would’ve gotten £ 15,662 on her bank account instead of £ 13,984.

“If I invested just a bit more I would have made six times my month’s salary in just one week! But as I’ve said to friends and family who are now doing this as well; missing out on just a small portion of profit is WAY better than missing out on the overall profits at all! Just start with a figure that you’re comfortable with, the money comes anyway!”

Michelle can still not believe the amount of money she made from Bitcoin System

To believe Michelle’s story, we decided to put it to the test.

Does this really work? We tested it ourselves.

Our editorial staff did not want to publish the interview with Michelle until we had verified that Bitcoin System really offers the opportunity to earn money from home. Top management did not want us to share information that could cause people to lose their hard-earned money.

That’s why our editorial team has tested Bitcoin System to ensure that it actually works as Michelle described. Arun Sarkar is one of our online editors and volunteered to try it out with his own money.

Arun Sarkar is a 27 year old journalist, who arrived in United Kingdom from 3 years ago. He honestly admitted he was having financial difficulties trying to both make his life better in United Kingdom and provide for his family back home.

Arun Sarkar’s family in had a hard time making ends meet and he hoped that he could offer them more financial freedom. That’s why he volunteered to test the system and share his results.

Arun Sarkar says :

“When I heard about the interview with Michelle, I first thought she was joking. Making money from home is just a dream. Because of my financial circumstances and because I enjoy my journalism work, I decided to try it anyway.

I watched an introduction video about the platform and then I signed up. The video seemed overly promising to me, but I decided to put my skepticism aside. Within a few hours I received a phone call from my personal investor. He answered all my questions and took away any doubts I had. He also assured me that I would simply earn money.

My personal investor even promised that he would immediately repay my first £ 250 deposit if I lost even one dollar. He was so sure that this would change my life. This customer service goes further than ever and it is no wonder that banks are scared.

After I had access to the platform, I made the first £ 250 deposit. This might seem like a lot to some people. But given the potential of the system to make this back in the first hour – it really puts this investment into perspective.

The Bitcoin System system is a platform for trading in crypto currency automatically. The software uses advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict exactly when the price of crypto currency will rise and fall. The crypto currency is then automatically bought and sold for you 24 hours a day. Technology has already made our lives easier in every way possible. So why not use it to earn more money? “

Arun Sarkar’s results with the system in real-time 📈

“Within one hour of depositing the amount of £ 250 , the software started trading for me. To be honest, I was afraid that I would lose all my money. And my first transaction indeed resulted in a loss of £ 25 !

It felt like my throat was tightened. I thought I was scammed. I was even about to call my personal investor and ask for my money back. But then I remembered what he had told me during our earlier conversation: the algorithm is right about 80-89% of the time . Not ALL transactions will generate a profit, but ultimately enough transactions will generate a profit to make money.

That is why I made sure that the software continued to execute transactions for me and I kept a close eye on everything. The following transaction yielded a profit! It was a profit of just £ 19 , but at least it was something. The next transaction yielded a profit of £ 51 . After that, a transaction yielded £ 22 profit, which made me a total profit of £ 67 . And all in less than 5 minutes!

It wasn’t long before I started earning a lot of money. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Every time I refreshed the screen, I saw that I had made more profit. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking refresh

Now I understand why Michelle is in a good mood. And I now also understand why large banks want to prevent people from discovering this loophole to becoming rich. At the end of the day I had made more than £ 754 profit . Not bad for an investment of £ 250 ! I was so excited that I could hardly sleep.

The next day was Tuesday and I had to go back to work. To be honest (and don’t tell my boss this), it was hard to focus on my work because I knew that the Bitcoin System software was making money for me.

I went to the bathroom a couple of times to see how much profit I made and I kept making money (with an occasional transaction that resulted in a small loss). At the end of the day, I saw that the balance of my account was £ 1,350 . That is more than I earn at my job in a WEEK!

At the end of the week I had earned a total of £ 5,350 . I had exactly £ 4,500 paid out and I used the rest of the money to reinvest. Within two days I received my first check in the mail with a value of exactly £ 4,500 . I couldn’t believe it was really true!”


Arun Sarkar received a check for £ 4,500 after the first two weeks he had used Bitcoin System

“Now, thanks to Bitcoin System , I consistently earn £ 700 to £ 1,500 extra per day. The money is simply deposited into my bank account every few days. You can have the money paid out with just a few clicks and the money will be in my bank account within 24-48 hours. Every time the money is transferred to my bank account, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Fortunately, I find my job AWESOME because I can offer people important news stories (such as this one). If that wasn’t the case, I would have already quit my job. But I did book a vacation with my family to the Indonesian island of Bali to celebrate that we no longer have any debts and finally have our finances back in order!

This is only possible thanks to the generosity of Michelle and the fact that she has shared his secret live on television. And I’m glad I took the risk to try out Bitcoin System myself. I’m happier than I have ever been. My colleagues are very disappointed because they didn’t register themselves like I did two weeks ago. But it didn’t take long for all my colleagues (including my boss) to sign up. They call me their “hero” because I was the first to try this.”

How you can get started with Bitcoin System

⏰ Limited number of places available

To get started, you only need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access. You don’t need specific skills and you only need to know how to use a computer and surf the Internet. You do not need any experience in the field of technology or crypto currency, because the software and your personal investor ensure that you will make profit. Another advantage of this program is that you can start whenever you want. You can determine your own hours and it doesn’t matter if that is five or 50 hours a week. You can activate the automatic trading software at any time and you can pause whenever you want (but I can’t think of a reason why you would do that).

To save our readers time and to check how the system works, Arun Sarkar has created a manual to get started with the system.

Only 7 Free Accounts available as of 26th June 2020

Claim your spot now

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