Cool Down and Recover: Post-Workout Routines for UAE Athletes


Post-exercise recovery is essential for nourishing and rejuvenating your muscles, so they repair and grow from the damage done during a workout. The greatest muscle recovery routines can vary depending on everyone’s needs. As health enthusiasts and experts, in this article we will share with you simple yet effective techniques and routines if you stick to post any workout, your body will change drastically. So read on to start implementing them right away!

Simple post workout tips for a better recovery: 

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Cool down: 

While warming up prepares your body for an intense workout, cooling down, an often-overlooked component of recovery, prepares your body to heal so you can go again the next day. Instead of immediately putting your foot down after an exercise, try walking for a few minutes to allow your heart and blood vessels to recover from the stress of the workout.  


While stretching is one of the most well-known rehabilitation treatments, it is critical to practice it correctly and at the right times to see its effects. It can aid with flexibility and joint range of motion. Stretching is sometimes misunderstood as something that should be done before an exercise as part of the warm-up. However, for the maximum benefits, stretch immediately after a workout when your muscles are warm.

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Drink water: 

Nothing beats hydrating with water for muscle recovery and repair. The human body requires water to function properly. And since our bodies lose a lot of water during exercises, especially in hot or humid conditions, we need to make sure we’re hydrating enough for better recovery and performance.

Take a protein shake: 

Consuming protein right after a strong workout is essential if you want to see your muscles grow stronger. It helps in increasing protein synthesis, or the generation of new muscle protein in the body. The newly formed muscle proteins are used in the body to develop muscle mass and repair the damage done to your muscles during your training session.

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To wrap up, post-exercise recovery is one of the most essential, yet frequently ignored aspects of any workout routine.  Muscles get fatigued after a hard training session, your body burns calories, and you lose fluids while sweating, leaving you dehydrated. Although a recovery routine is the last thing you want to do after a workout, your body might suffer from overtraining syndrome if you do not rest and recover properly. So make sure you include these techniques in your post-workout routine.