How to organize Your Daily Schedule with 5 Tips


Organizing the day is quite important to almost everyone. And as you know, time is the most precious thing a person has. Organizing the day helps us to learn how to use it competently, evaluate, and continuously make a choice for a specific situation.

This article will help you with organizing your daily schedule. 

1. leave yourself a time reserve

How to organize your daily schedule

You won’t be able to execute such a schedule 100%.  although, which would just lead to confusion and anxiety. There’s no use in preparing the day in advance before the last minute. You will find yourself in a very rigid system and feel like a prisoner of the timetable, completely subjugated to the diary entries, where everything is written by the minute.
Everything you have to do is plan actions that will take up to 70% of the time. So in the event of unexpected circumstances, you leave yourself a time reserve, you feel more free and ready for surprises. A free mockup will allow you to save 70% of your time if you are a designer. Another alternative is to have a small amount of free time for each business time left.