How to sleep: 6 celebrities share their ultimate sleep hacks

How to sleep
How to sleep

Perfecting your nightly wind down and building good sleep hygiene habits is crucial if you want to improve your evening’s rest. Looking for some advice on how to sleep ? Here, six celebrities discuss the tricks that work for them, and might just work for you.


Celebrities, they’re just like us. It turns out that they sleep, and often have trouble sleeping, just like we do.

This means that they have perfected the art of a well-crafted nighttime routine, with plenty of healthy habits and sleep hygiene, to help them get a good night’s rest. Whether it’s taking a long, relaxing bath, meditating or even something as simple as switching off their phones, here are six nighttime routines that really work, as tried and tested by some of your favorite celebrities. 

Jennifer Aniston has often spoken about her struggles when it comes to sleep and, in particular, insomnia. In an interview with Arianna Huffington, Aniston revealed the little tips that really work for her.

“My one key tip,” she said, “is to sleep with my phone at least five feet away from me. That’s helped me tremendously. And I also do a quick meditation before I get into bed, even if it’s just for five minutes. There are also some yoga poses that I’ve found to be quite helpful in relaxing my mind, even if it’s just a simple downward dog and some stretching. But the biggest thing is the electronics shutdown, ideally an hour before I turn off the lights. It’s really a big deal.”

The Friends star added that though she knows that many people love baths, she just doesn’t find them relaxing. “I tend to get a little antsy in a bath for some reason. But a shower always helps,” she added.

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