McDonald’s Employee Made $39,270,078 Dollars!


25-year-old Darrell Clarke, once a McDonald’s employee, now one of the youngest millionaires in the world has $39,270,078 on his account. He tells “Fin News” his story.

“Could you imagine that just 4 months ago I committed my whole life to a website?! Do you know at least one sane person who would do that?”


Definitely not, I thought and that was what interested me the most.

I meet Darrell in one of the most fancy Barcelona restaurants. Dressed quite simply he still doesn’t look like a guy who once was broke – your ordinary clerk doesn’t wear $695 loafers.

“You know, I agreed to give an interview just so people know what they’re getting into,” he says. “When I was 16, my father left my mom with two children. He just disappeared and never contacted me or my little brother.


I understood that the childhood was over – I was the only man in my family now. I quit the school and found a job at a local McDonald’s working 12-hour shifts. My mom tried to find a job, but there was no luck for a woman with a sickly 1-year-old.

After 2,5 years of my twelve hour shifts I got fired. It was the beginning of my long changing jobs period. By the age of 24 I was an exhausted stressed out man without a good education.

That’s when I decided I need to find a way of making good money. I had only $31 in my pocket!”

Darrel’s phone buzzes, he excuses himself, and for some time we sit in silence: he’s busy with the phone, I’m staring at his shiny Rolex Sky-Dweller watch.

“By that time I’ve already heard about Ad Code System, but never invested money online afraid of being scammed. But after contemplating different ways of making money crypto trading were the only thing I could think of. The thought about online trading and my hesitation bothered me for some time, I couldn’t even sleep at night when I finally made up my mind.


That’s when I learned about Ad Code System I looked for something with a small minimum deposit since I couldn’t afford wasting the only money we had on something I wasn’t sure about and Binary Option Profit was perfect.

It worked from the day one. I just understood the simple steps I should take and made my first $100 within an hour! At first I thought there might be some trick and they’ll get that money back having some excuse, but I withdrew it and nothing happened!

I became quite interested in those steps Darrell mentioned, and he agreed to share them.

Darrell’s Successful Trading Instructions Step by Step

When I asked Darrell if he would show me his e-wallet as I’d never seen such amount of money he eagerly agreed to do so:

“Sure, I have nothing to hide! I’m not a criminal, I’ve made this money by fair means. Maybe then those in doubt will see that it really works.”


I left smiling and happy Darrell and for some time wondered what a strange thing our life is.

That’s what you should think about: if a poor unemployed without good education could earn millions then you can too for sure!

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