Psychologists Share 16 Tricks Help You Read People


Psychologists Share 16 Tricks Help You Read People – When talking to a person, we get only 30% of all the information through their words — all the rest of the info can be revealed in their movements, tone of voice, and other non-verbal means of communication. So if you want to know what your friends are actually feeling at any given moment, it’s better to watch their faces — try to be extra attentive and you’ll learn a lot of new things about them.

Lestta has prepared a short guide on how to “read” people’s faces.


Many books have been written studying our human nature, mainly because we, humans, are not your average mammals, but rather quite complex beings. And while we do have some apparent human behavior patterns, most of us have no idea how easy it is actually to read them without involving any real psychoanalysis. It turns out that no raised eyebrow, nose scratch, or foot placement is done without reason. But let’s be real – nobody language trick will make your date instantly fall in love with you, or your dream company hires you.

It’s about knowing, beyond words, what other people want to say. It’s about sensing what they truly mean, even when they say otherwise.

The ability to read people properly will significantly affect your social, personal, and work life.


When you understand how another person is feeling, you can then adapt your message and communication style to make sure it is received in the best way possible.

It’s not that hard. This may sound cliche, but you don’t need any special powers to know how to read people.

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