Sun And Fun Sports: Outdoor Activities for A Healthy Lifestyle


There are several outdoor activities to keep you active in Dubai, a city that not only values healthy living, but also encourages it. Examples include hiking, cycling, beach volleyball, and stand-up paddle boarding. Outdoor activities can provide endless physical, mental, and social advantages, that if utilized correctly can have a great positive impact on your life. 

In this article, you can explore many workout activities you can try out in Dubai, while connecting with like-minded people.

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Top Outdoor Activities in Dubai: 


Dubai’s winter transforms the landscape into a hiking paradise. With this perfect weather, you can explore picturesque routes such as the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve or the Hatta Dam. The colder weather not only makes it more pleasant, but also adds to the whole experience by allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Dubai’s natural beauty.

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Swap snow for sand, and snowboards for sandboards. The winter weather gives ideal conditions for sandboarding down Dubai’s beautiful dunes. Whether you’re an experienced sandboarder or a beginner, the lower temperatures allow you to enjoy this exciting activity without the burning heat.

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Winter is the best season for cycling lovers to enjoy Dubai’s breathtaking beauty on two wheels. Whether it’s an easy ride along the Dubai Canal or a more difficult mountain bike track near Hatta, the mild temperature makes cycling a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Zip lining

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For the ultimate adrenaline sensation, travel to Ras Al Khaimah and ride the world’s longest zipline. The lower temperatures make this high-flying journey even more pleasurable. Fly over the mountains and enjoy amazing views while feeling the cool winter wind as you speed around the thrilling course.


Explore the peaceful Hatta Dam by kayak, a quiet activity that is even more pleasurable during Dubai’s winter. The colder temperature adds to the ambiance, enabling you to paddle gently and thoroughly appreciate the surroundings.


Dubai has world-class golf courses located against breathtaking scenery. Winter is a perfect season for golfers to indulge in their hobby. Enjoy a game of golf surrounded by beautiful trees and spectacular city skylines, all in a pleasant and fun environment.

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Dubai has several parks with wide spaces ideal for outdoor activities. Take advantage of the current weather by attending outdoor yoga classes in places such as Safa Park or Al Ittihad Park. Connect with nature and experience inner serenity while surrounded by greenery and fresh air.


This is a great season for fishermen to test their luck along Dubai’s coast.  Join a fishing trip or go to permitted fishing sites for a relaxing day by the sea. 


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Dubai has a network of well-kept running and jogging trails that are even more appealing during colder days. Lace up your running shoes and enjoy gorgeous routes like the Mushrif Park Trail or the Al Safa Park jogging track, taking advantage of the nice weather to keep active outside.

As the burning summer heat fades and cold winds begin to blow, Dubai transforms into an escape for outdoor enthusiasts during these temporary but pleasant winter months. The gentle breeze that blows over the desert, along with bright skies, sets the city for a variety of adrenaline-pumping thrills. So make sure you make the best out of it, and give these outdoor activities a go.