Top 5 Skin Care Tips


Top 5 Skin Care Tips, Best skin care tips. The bad habits that most women follow in their daily lives are those that negatively affect the health of their skin, which leads to the appearance of early wrinkles and the appearance of the skin at an older age than normal. Therefore, skin care experts emphasize the necessity of identifying some of these habits to change them immediately, so that we contribute to removing aging from the skin at a rate of 10 years forward. Among the most important of these habits that must change:

1- Wash the face with soap

Soap is one of the dryers of the skin, because it works to remove the natural oils present in the skin, and also works to block the pores of the skin, especially sensitive skin, soapy causes the skin a lot of problems, so you must be far from using it with the need to replace it with a gentle and appropriate wash to ensure clean skin Effectively and safely.

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