With these 5 Tips You Will Get Beautiful Long Lashes


Do you not have long lashes of your own, but really want them? Then we have the solution for you! With these 5 tips you will get beautiful long lashes, your lashes will be longer in no time and give you radiant eyes like never before!

Eyelashes start developing in human embryos between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy. In case a lash is pulled out, it usually takes about 7 to 8 weeks to grow back again, however, caution has to be taken as if they are pulled constantly it can lead to permanent damage.

1. Don’t rub your eyes

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When you are tired, it feels wonderful to rub your eyes, but this isn’t good for your eyelashes. If you rub your eyes a lot, you will lose more lashes than usual. If you still want to massage your eyelids, try to only massage the eyelids. Close your eyes and gently rotate circles around your eyelids. You’ll achieve relaxation without losing hair!