7 Steps on How to Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes is more prevalent than ever and 95% of cases diagnosed are type 2 diabetes. Although for some the development of diabetes is inevitable, perhaps due to heriditery and other factors, Before diabetes type 2 becomes fully developed you go through a stage known as pre-diabetes. This is where you start to show some of the symptoms, which if ignored, can lead to full blown diabetes. Make these 7 action points part of your daily routine and you could stop this disease happening to you and for the vast majority it can be prevented by taking these 7 simple steps…

1. Lose weight

Steps on How to Prevent Diabetes

If you are overweight you risk developing diabetes. Reduce the amount of food on your plate so you gradually eat less and start to lose weight. Drink a glass of plain water or a sugar-free drink before your meal to take the edge of any hunger pains.

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