How does Nutrisystem work?


Nutrisystem The Best Fast Weight Loss Program Ever That Will Help You to Be Fit Without Food Deprivation


Getting that perfect body we all crave is increasingly difficult in today’s fast-paced world. Life keeps us from having the time to cook for ourselves the nutrient-rich foods needed to be healthy. High-calorie, low nutritional quality food leads to rapid weight gain and obesity. That, in turn, can lead to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other life-threatening ailments. This sees many people choosing a “fad diet.”

However, many diets are not as safe as they entirely cut out certain classifications of food. Diets are also extremely difficult to stick to as one feels like they are punishing themselves for having done something wrong. Many diets restrict large amounts of foods that people enjoy and instead force people to eat like rabbits, not eat for long periods of the day, or eat food that just doesn’t taste good. That’s where Nutrisystem comes in.

How does Nutrisystem Work?

Nutrisystem specializes in weight loss and products that give people highly nutritious main meals with low-calories snacks that are still healthy. The great thing about the system is that all the work is done for you, except for simple meal prep or heating of meals.


When you join Nutrisystem you pick the meals you want to eat, purchase them through Nutrisystem and they ship them to you regularly. Every day you then consume a Nutrisystem approved breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert. In between, you have a list of approved snacks that you can eat throughout the day to ensure that you do not feel like you are starving in between meals.

Nutrisystem balances out the nutrients with half coming from carbs, a quarter from protein and the last quarter from fat. It eliminates foods that have a negative impact on blood sugar, so-called “bad carbs” found in things like white rice, white bread, and a subsection of fruits.


The Nutrisystem plan also limits the amount of sodium in the daily diet to around 2,000 milligrams. However, one must be keenly aware of how much they are taking in from other snacks they eat. Of course, Nutrisystem also limits daily caloric intake. This is the main way that people lose weight. Instead of eating high-fat, high-calorie fast foods which end up getting stored as fat.

Nutrisystem Meals

You purchase all of your meals through Nutrisystem. This ensures that the nutritional value is there. When they create the meals they stay away from things like artificial flavors and colors, partially hydrogenated oils, added sugars, and maintain certain levels of saturated and trans fats. It is also higher in dietary fiber, lean protein, smart carbs, and good fats.

Nutrisystem offers over 150 meals to choose from and is supplemented by several dozen items one can purchase from their local grocery store. There are options for dietary restrictions like vegetarian and diabetes. However, they have not got plans for those with particular food allergies like soy, peanuts, or gluten.

The way the Nutrisystem program works is that one chooses a 28-day plan. That plan can either consist entirely of Nutrisystem chosen meals, or one can choose food for themselves. Once you choose your plan and meals, the first set of meals are shipped to you and you can begin the program. All meals are fresh and can be stored for 3 to 4 days in the fridge or freezer.

Along with the meal planning and prep, there is also online support from the community and the company. One can discuss their goals with a nutrition consultant at Nutrisystem to help determine which plan is best for them. Nutrisystem also suggests that one get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day, refrain from eating out and abstain from alcohol while on the plan.

There are specific plans for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics, and those over 60. The plan is not designed for pregnant women, children under 14, those with chronic kidney disease, or certain food allergies. There is a program specifically for teenagers though. The regular plans are designed so that followers will lose a pound or two each week. There is also a Fresh Start plan which states that women can expect to lose around 13 pounds and men around 15 pounds. Nutrisystem says that equates to losing around 7 inches in the waistline.

Finishing up with Nutrisystem

The major challenge for most is once they are coming off the program. Having not had to choose, and create their own meals they don’t always have the proper knowledge to continue eating healthy when they attain their ideal weight goal. To help with that one should do a little reading into healthy cooking and meal preparation.

Read labels on things that one purchases at the store in order to continue to stay away from unhealthy additives and high levels of harmful ingredients. By sticking to the ideas behind the Nutrisystem plans, one could continue to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight easily, although with a bit more time in the kitchen.