11 Hidden Hazards of Sleep Deprivation


11 Hidden Hazards of Sleep Deprivation – Studies show that once a month, almost 40% of all adults unintentionally fall asleep during the day due to a lack of rest in the last few days. Whether it’s for work, stress or entertainment, turning in late and/or waking up early have become a sad norm in our lives.


Almost all of us have felt the effects of inadequate sleep including crankiness, lack of concentration, grogginess and a heavy feeling over the body, at least once or more. Unsurprisingly, over 60 million Americans face chronic sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement, and restless legs syndrome. Such a habit’s long-term effects are very serious indeed; let us look at eleven of the most devastating, but hidden ones.

Are you ready to use your imagination? Let’s start with these 11 Hidden Hazards of Sleep Deprivation


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