5 Top Tips Add to Your Routine to Lose Weight


5 tips to lose weight quickly, who said that the fastest way to lose weight requires you to spend continuous hours on the electric belt? Fortunately that is not the case, so the quickest way to lose weight does not require trying all this effort as some people imagine, for example if you want to lose weight by 10 kilograms per month and even if you use the best walking device to lose weight, you will need more than 154 hours of Exercises during thirty days!


1- regulate blood sugar

One of the most important obstacles that prevent weight loss is instability in the blood sugar level. Try to avoid or reduce the use of carbohydrates in the food you eat, especially sugars, and you will be impressed by the implications of this change for your shape, your weight, and especially the burning of belly fat.

But removing sugars from the diet is not easy or simple! So you can follow some helpful tips to help you avoid sugar in your various meals.

Hardening is of no use. Try to be flexible and allow yourself one or two sweets a week. Because when you are harsh by depriving yourself of eating something, you will return to consuming it more than you did before.


2- High density cardio exercises

If you really want to burn more calories in the shortest time possible then do the high-density cardio exercises, because I am really the fastest way to lose weight quickly.

In a simple way, the amount of calories you spend during exercise equals the intensity and strength of this training multiplied by the duration of the exercise. When you increase the strength of the exercises, you burn more calories in a lesser period.


 Also, this type of high-density cardio exercises makes you strong muscles and high fitness.

3- Lose weight with water

Your body consists of more than 50% of water. If your body is dehydrated, it will decrease the efficiency of your body’s vital systems. Also, your basal metabolic rate will decrease to conserve water.

On the contrary, if you want to increase your burning rate, be sure to drink plenty of water to lose weight, as many studies show.

But this does not mean that you exaggerate this, because if you drink 4 liters of water per day you will not benefit much much except going to the bathroom in a frequent way.

4- Consuming more rich omega

Imbalance of fatty acids is also among the causes of obesity and difficulty losing weight. By increasing your insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation, these good fats will allow you to better remove excess fat.

 One of the benefits of omega-3 is that they increase insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation, which allows for better removal of excess fat.

It is difficult nowadays to meet our EPA and DHA fatty acid needs through our diet. But the main omega-3 sources remain fatty fish (salmon) and some seeds (such as flax seed) that contain omega-ALA that must be converted by the body before use which greatly reduces the actual amount consumed.

5- Eat protein

Protein is very important for your muscles, and eating it is very beneficial to reach the ideal weight because:
– Proteins need extra calories in order to be digested well.
– Protein boosts the feeling of satiety.
– Prevention of muscle loss.
– The absorption of sugar decreases, which positively affects the regulation of blood sugar.