5 Reasons Why Weeds Affect Your Plants And Your Health!


When gardening, we should not foster all plants. Some organisms are harmful and tend to survive over the dead bodies of other organisms. Harmful weeds are a threat to your lawn. They consume more of your gardening time and resources and make it harder for you to keep your plants alive and healthy.


What would make fighting against weeds harder is that they are intervening with your lawn’s care routine, which means that harmful weeds are leeching off your plants for their nutrition.

Weeds are also plants and flourish in the same conditions in which your green lawn grows, but they can mess with both your plants and your health in various ways. Here are five reasons why:

1- They are food thieves

Harmful weeds are organisms that need nutrients (either from soil or water) such as your plants. When gardening, you may feed them inadvertently.

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Your garden and resources are not big enough for your green lawn and harmful weeds. Therefore, weeds will help themselves to the nutrients that your plants need and compromise their health, and impede their growth.

Harmful weeds cut your plants’ food supply by absorbing crucial elements such as nitrogen and potassium from the soil and depriving your plants of proper feed.