Granny’s golden age of yoga


Ah my dear ones, have you felt the ache of stiffness creeping into your bones as the years dance by? As a seasoned soul who’s navigated life’s ebbs and flows, let me share a secret that has sculpted my vitality – yoga. In my journey through the seasons of life, yoga became my faithful companion, transforming not just my body but my mind and spirit too. 


Join me on this enlightening path where I’ll share some of my cherished yoga poses.Let’s breathe, stretch, and grow together in this beautiful journey called yoga.

The endless Benefits of yoga :

Yoga as mentioned,has endless benefits, here are some of my favorites for the body and mind:

  1. Builds full body strength: an aspect that saves me time and effort as i don’t have to go to the gym to build muscles, when yoga can target all my muscles.
  2. Reduces stress and enhances resilience: yoga helps me to unwind, which breaks the stress cycle and keeps me in a calmer state. Not only that, but it also trains my mind to adapt to stress.
  3. Brings a state of mindfulness : during yoga practice , I become more aware of my body and mind,simultaneously improving my mood.
  4. Improves quality of sleep: doing some yoga before bed makes my fully relaxed and ready for sleep, instead of having an interrupted sleeping schedule

Granny’s favorite yoga moves

Here are my personal favorite moves, that you can try too:

  • The cat cow:  this pose has helped me stretch and activate my spine and also reduced back pain.
  • The downward facing dog: this pose makes me feel more relaxed and greatly improves my flexibility.
  • The child’s pose: this one is my personal favorite as it allows me to rewind and totally relax my mind and body as it sends calming energy through the muscles.
  • Folded butterfly pose: this pose stretches the back, hamstrings and knees. It also releases tension in my neck. On top of that it quiets my mind.

Finally, remember my dears, as someone who’s seen the sun rise for many decades, let me tell you – yoga is a true elixir for the body and soul. Embracing this practice has been my compass through life’s twists and turns. From easing the creaks in my joints to nurturing a sense of calmness, yoga has been my steadfast companion. So, roll out that mat, let the breath guide your movements, and cherish each pose. Namaste, dear ones.