5 Ways to Stay Motivated


Our goal is to help you stay motivated to exercise! We don’t just want to help you with the “how” of the exercise – we want your help with your “why” too!
That’s why we regularly bring new music to the gym, offer games and competitions, provide fitness education materials, monthly weighing and weighing, provide a fun environment, make it easy to get to the gym with extended hours, and do what we can. To help you stay motivated. We want you to look forward to playing sports!
So what can you do to stay motivated? Here are 5 great ideas to help all of us keep this inner fire burning …

1. An Exercise Buddy

stay motivated

Find a workout buddy! When we know that someone else is going to meet us at the gym at a certain time, we will automatically be more likely to show up. After all, who wants to ditch his friend? Don’t have a boyfriend at the gym? Invite one with you! You will appreciate the invitation and be more valid for it!

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