7 Steps to Have a Great Makeup


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7 Steps to Great Makeup:

1. Wearing too much


It means makeup to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That’s what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don’t wear too much of anything such as:
i) Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin the rest of your makeup.


ii) Mascara: too much mascara looks fake and will flake. It looks especially bad if worn with thick eyeliner or dark blue eye shadow.

iii) Foundation: Make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin. It means foundation to protect and give the face a smooth look. The magic word is blend.

iv) poortith same holds true for powder – not too much. Also, be sure to blend your makeup so there are no obvious lines .

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