Discover the world of tea culture


When it comes to drinking tea, no one can top UAE’s tea culture. The tea culture in this country stands out as one of its most captivating cultural aspects that is worth discovering, ranging from classic to modern recipes. Over the years, it changed along with the city’s development, today’s tea places and cafés have surfaced, providing distinctive and fashionable takes on the original classic tea selection.


Based on our research, the health benefits of drinking tea are endless, and for that, we give UAE’s culture a big thumbs up. 

So if you’re visiting or a resident, read on to discover the distinctiveness of tea cultures and explore the diverse range of healthy tea options available in the cities of the UAE.

The world of tea culture:

  • It all started with karak tea. During the 1960s, when oil was discovered in the area, the Indian diaspora brought karak tea to the UAE. 
  • Locals immediately warmed to this hot, creamy beverage, giving it their own twist, and calling it chai karak. 
  • Karak is a hindi word which means “strong”
  • Roadside cafés soon sprung up, and drinking the beverage became almost a daily routine. 
  • The beverage has become embedded in UAE society, with everyone from young people flaunting their cars while sipping tea on a night out to road truckers who find that a cup of karak gives them a boost at four in the morning.
  • As Dubai-raised chef Neha Mishra explains “tea in general has always been very much a part of Emirati culture. I also think it’s’ a teetotal culture, there’s always more emphasis on drinks that people can socialize around”.  

Healthful tea varieties:

Here are several ranges of tea that are served almost anywhere in Dubai, which we believe are worth trying;


1. The famous Karak tea (masala): 

 A blend of black tea leaves, cardamom, saffron, and occasionally rose water are used to flavor this tea. The tea is usually taken after meals and is often offered with dates or sweet pastries.

2. Japanese tea: 

The tastes and strengths of this green tea vary depending on how long it is brewed. Japanese tea is highly recommended as it is well-known for its therapeutic qualities and overall health advantages.

3. Sulaimani tea

 The ideal beverage to have following a hearty lunch. Created from loose tea, cardamom, lemon, and mint leaves, this tart and sweet tea instantly revitalizes weary travelers.


Best tea spots around the UAE:

  1. Karak house:  This restaurant offers classic Emirati cuisine with a modern touch. You can buy an iced karak and iced caramel in addition to the standard karak.  Located in Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, near the Manzil Hotel.
  2. Shay Madhbout:  this café takes its karak on a whole new level. “Shay madbhoot” means “perfect cup of tea”. Located in Abu Dhabi, on a corner of Muroor Road.
  3. Kino Cafe: if you want to try japanese tea, then Kino cafe is the perfect match for you, which is located in Dubai mall.
  4. Argo Tea: for a wide selection of tea, head on to argo tea. It’s location is in the Citywalk Jumeirah.

To sum it up, the UAE’s tea culture, with its cutting-edge twists and ancient Bedouin roots, is incredibly interesting. Exploring it is an essential experience, whether you’re passionate about tea or simply intrigued by diverse cultures. We’re confident that delving into such a unique tea culture will be a rewarding adventure you won’t forget. Search no more, save this article and go check out our recommendation for the top tea spots in the UAE.