How to Create a Wellness Retreat at Home, Granny’s Way

Ah hello again, my dear ones. Lately, I’ve been thinking of turning a small, empty room in my home into the perfect wellness retreat. And guess what?  I believe I succeeded and so can you. 

As a seasoned soul that experiences life in all its forms, I can surely tell you, that savoring some time for yourself and creating the ideal wellness space at your own home, is enough to replenish your energy and allow you to breathe.   

Join me in this light journey where I’ll share with you how to transform your home into the ideal wellness space. I’ll also give you a few tips to help you make the most of your wellness retreat. So, let’s get to it then.

Granny’s way for an ideal wellness retreat:

  • Choose your space: look around your home, see which space will be the most suitable for a quiet retreat. Maybe it’s your bedroom, an unused room, or the living room. 
  • Keep it organized: If there is clutter around, you won’t find it comforting to stop by your wellness space. For that, I always tend to keep my space tidy and clean.
  • Rearrange room: if you have a chair or sofa in the room, keep it facing the window. Also, I set up dimmable lights to make it more relaxing at night.
  • Use an oil burner: you know when you enter a spa to smell that strong aroma? With your wellness retreat, you can have the room filled with aromatherapy to get you in the mood and make it more relaxing.

Simple tips to turn your retreat into a lifestyle:

  1. No distraction: keep this space free from any distractions like devices, newspapers, or magazines. 
  2. Meditation area: put in mind that whenever you want to meditate, go to your retreat. This will help you make the wellness retreat a daily routine for you.
  3. Spa at home: that’s my personal favorite, where I put different face masks on the table and use one each week in my space. I’m sure it will make you feel just like you’re at the spa. 
  4. Light music: always keep a speaker inside the room ,pick similar types of calming music so that it makes you feel more familiar to the whole ensemble.

Lastly, remember dears, sometimes all we need in our overwhelming routine is simply a time to break the cycle and make space for ourselves and our loved ones. 

As someone who experienced first-hand how we often forget to prioritize our peace and wellbeing, I encourage you to try my ideas for the wellness retreat and choose the best fit for you. 

I say start now, and get the best out of your home retreat!