The best 7 drinks to fight diabetes

The best 7 drinks to fight diabetes , the primary goal for diabetes patient is to prevent exposure of acute disease complications that may lead to many other short- and long-term diseases, such as kidney failure, stroke, and heart attack.

so diabetics are keen to keep blood sugar within their normal range by achieving the ideal balance between insulin and sugar in the body, allowing the patient to adopt a normal lifestyle.

This is done through two things: either a healthy diet or a diet next to medical treatments.


In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that a healthy diet is a first and fundamental step in the treatment of diabetes, and stated that some herbs and drinks have an effective effect of lowering sugar levels, especially for type 2 diabetes patients.

And as following The best 7 drinks to fight diabetes recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Diabetes Association, which works on protecting diabetic patients from complications of the disease and also helps maintain blood sugar thanks to containing a small number of calories or being free of them at all.

The best 7 drinks to fight diabetes

(1) Water

There is no doubt that water is the most useful drink for diabetics at all, as it does not contain carbohydrates and contains zero calories too, and thus promotes the process of burning and reduce weight.

besides that the high blood sugar level causing increase the number of times urination beside drought and constant thirst too, and therefore the need to drink adequate amounts of water which helps to get rid of excess glucose in the body through the urine.

The daily amount of water needed by diabetics varies from patient to patient, and the doctors usually recommend drinking at least 8 cups of water for women and 10 cups for men.