Top 5 foods to lose weight


Top 5 foods to lose weight, Best foods to lose weight, running exercise protects you from obesity and heart disease, whether the person exercises it recreation ally or competitively or as part of a comprehensive health method it is a good way to improve heart health, and depending on the goal of running such as losing weight, gaining muscle, or completing Running for long distances, and some foods that a person may eat after exercise can provide different benefits.

1- Beet Salad

Beets are rich in nutrients, help to lose excess weight, and a large source of fiber that controls hunger, which makes them a great addition to any salad. What is more, it contains a high percentage of dietary nitrates, which are compounds that help the body produce nitrite oxide, which is one of the most important molecules for vascular health. Studies have shown that dietary nitrates from beets and other vegetables rich in nitrates, such as spinach and watercress, can increase running performance and delay fatigue.



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