4 Information About Caffeine In Green Tea


Caffeine is a type of drug that mainly stimulates the central nervous system and the heart. A person with caffeine in their system can raise their blood pressure instantly but they have no evidence of long-term end effects on blood pressure itself. Long-term increased blood pressure is still consuming large amounts of green tea. The caffeine content remains in green tea unless it is decaffeinated. According to studies, green tea is likely to be higher than coffee, but with preparation, a person can decimate the caffeine the body consumes. How? By how long you infuse boiling water and how often you have used the leaves.
The caffeine in green tea is more beneficial than the caffeine from coffee. It works through the body with a slight difference to that of coffee. Aside from caffeine, green tea contains other ingredients that work perfectly with caffeine which are vitamins, oils and tannin.

1. Difference Of Caffeine

Green Tea

As mentioned, compared to coffee, the caffeine content in green tea can have a fresh approach in the human body. Because of its special substance, it doesn’t have to increase heart rate and blood pressure unlike what caffeine can do right away. Usually green tea is more viable to drink for those who want to lose weight but are sensitive to caffeine.

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