5 Days Program for Better Health


We must eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and are filling. You’ve probably heard about the 5 A Day for Better Health program. It provides simple ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily eating patterns. We must eat a wide variety of colorful orange/yellow, red, green, white, and blue/purple vegetables and fruit every day. By eating vegetables and fruit from each color group, you will benefit from the essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that each color group offers alone and in combination.


1. Colors Of Fruits and Vegetables

Program for Better Health

You will get the most health benefits and protection against the disease if you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australian dietary guidelines recommend that adults eat at least five kinds of vegetables and two kinds of fruit every day. Foods of similar colors contain similar protective compounds. Try to eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables every day to get the full range of health benefits. For example:

A. Red foods

Like tomatoes and watermelon. These contain lycopene, which is thought to be important for fighting prostate cancer and heart disease.

B. Green Vegetables

Like spinach and kale. These contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which may help protect against age-related eye disease.


C. Blue and Purple Foods

Like blueberries and eggplant. These contain anthocyanins, which may help protect the body from cancer.

D. White Foods

Like cauliflower. These contain sulforaphane and may also help protect against some cancers.