5 Days Program for Better Health


2. Benefits Of Vegetables and Fruits

Program for Better Health

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower the risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect on blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check. There are several yet simple ways to incorporate vegetables and fruit into your familiar and favorite meals. You can begin your day with 100% fruit or vegetable juice, slice bananas or strawberries on top of your cereal, or have a salad with lunch and an apple for an afternoon snack. Include a vegetable with dinner and you already have about 5 cups of fruits and vegetables. You may even try adding a piece of fruit for a snack or an extra vegetable at dinner.
Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus,rus, and folic acid. Folic acid may reduce blood levels of homocysteine, a substance that may be a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

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