5 Reason Why Wash Your Hair With Coke


We all know coke as the tasty refreshing drink we all like to have on a hot day, after a sport or after a meal that needs to be digested. Yet surprisingly there are many other benefits for you to wash you hair with coke.


Keeping your hair clean and healthy, can be difficult to find the right products to use. That is why I’m here today to share with you 5 reasons why washing your hair with Coke might just be the perfect solution for you! 

1. Natural Cleanser 

Coke works as a natural cleanser for your hair because it contains phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid removes dirt, oil and product build-up from the scalp without stripping away essential oils or drying out your strands like some harsher shampoos can do. 


2. Shine and Curls

The carbonation in coke gives an instant boost of volume while adding natural gloss and curly finish when used as a rinse after shampooing or conditioning. This makes coke ideal for those with thinning hair or who want to add some bounce, shine and curls to their locks without using products full of chemicals.

3. Dandruff Treatment

The phosphoric acid has antifungal properties which help reduce flaking caused by dandruff when used regularly on the scalp as part of your hair care routine.

It may seem strange that such an ordinary drink can be used as a remedy, but there are actually several scientific studies that have proven its effectiveness in treating this condition.


4. Affordable

You don’t need expensive salon treatments or specialized products if you’re looking for healthier hair. Simply using coke is much more cost effective than many other options available in the market today. 

5. Easy To Use

Indeed, using coke to wash your hair is accessible. All you have to do is pour some coke into a bowl (or spray bottle) then massage it onto wet hair before rinsing thoroughly with water afterwards. It has simple yet highly effective results every time! 

So there we have it folks; five great reasons why washing your locks with coke could be exactly what they need this season so go ahead and give it a try today – I promise you won’t regret it!