6 Ways to Make an Alkaline Diet Work for You

The premise of the alkaline diet is that the nutrients in nutritional supplements, alkaline foods, and water can return the body to balance. These vitamins, minerals and herbs provide the body with new energy, vitality and better health. Alkaline foods and water must be consumed in order to provide the nutrients that the body needs to neutralize acids and toxins in the blood, lymph, tissues and cells.
Here are 6 surefire ways to make an alkaline diet work for you:

1. Sugar and Its Products

Make an Alkaline Diet Work for You

Reducing the consumption of sugar and products made with sugar, including soft drinks, pies, ice cream, jelly, jam, jelly, industrial juices, sweets, donuts, corn syrup, chewing gum, sweetened drinks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, alcoholic beverages, and mixed drinks.