Anxiety, and How To Deal With It

Anxiety attack

The term Anxiety might be triggering on its own, either through personal experience or hearing about it from others. But if we take a closer look at what Anxiety really is, we will learn that it’s not the enemy.


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety our body’s natural response to stress, it’s way of telling us to be careful and take actions accordingly. Almost like a built-in alarm system. It’s feeling fear and uneasiness, and it can range from mild to severe from one person to the other.

However, it’s becoming easier to self-diagnose it, due to some repetitive common symptoms through history. Such as tension, restlessness, unusual sweat, headaches, and rapid heartbeats.

How to Calm Down?

How to be calm?

Regardless of the causes, which can differ massively, there are many acknowledged methods to ease and deal with immediately.


One of which is to breathe deeply and slowly. Taking a moment and focusing on taking deep in and out breaths, from the nose and out of the mouth. Deep breathing reduce it massively, giving the body enough oxygen to cool down.

Another way, if you have the space and time for it, is to take a long walk. This helps release the tension out of your body, shaking it off.

Long Term Fix

Long Term Fix

However, there is no quick fix to anxiety attacks on the long run. Consequently, to stop it from reoccurring, one needs to address the core of its triggers and take the needed actions to deal with it. This is where therapy and talking to a professional comes in as the saving hand; giving people techniques to rewire their brain and body to stop it or decrease it.


If we look around, we will understand that almost everyone around us, in our circle or even bigger community suffered from anxiety one way or another. It’s such a relatable topic, that we all need to discuss widely and openly. Seeking help, can be startling and difficult to some, but with the right professionals, channels, and support, it can be the most transforming experience of one’s life; both mentally and physically.

What we learned through time, is that healing isn’t fast or linear, but surly fruitful and nourishing in every aspect of life.