8 Natural ways to control blood pressure

Managing blood pressure is considered a critical aspect in the pursuit of optimal health. Natural approaches offer an appropriate replacement to pharmaceutical remedies for individuals looking for alternative.

As health professionals, we did extensive research and discovered simple yet successful ways to efficiently lower high blood pressure naturally. Here are 8 ways backed up by studies, which you can help you manage you blood pressure levels.

natural ways to manage blood pressure levels:

1- Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce high blood pressure. Regular exercise strengthens your heart and makes it more efficient at pumping blood, lowering artery pressure.

2- Reduce sodium Intake

Many studies have connected excessive salt consumption to high blood pressure and heart attacks. If you already have high blood pressure, it’s worth reducing your sodium consumption to see if it helps. Replace processed foods with fresh ingredients, and season with herbs and spices instead of salt.

3- Increase Potassium Intake

Potassium is a vital nutrient that helps your body eliminate salt and reduces blood vessel pressure. Potassium-rich foods include salmon, tuna, avocados, and leafy greens.

4- Drink less coffee

According to a 2016 meta-analysis of 34 studies, the caffeine in one or two cups of coffee boosts both systolic and diastolic blood pressure for up to three hours, narrowing blood vessels and intensifying the effects of stress. For that, it’s best to go decaf or limit your cups of coffee.

5- Manage the stress

Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure. When you’re stressed out, your body is always in fight-or-flight mode. Physically, this translates to a higher heart rate and constricted blood vessels. Consider listening to soft music and doing some yoga every day for a more relaxed mindset.

6- Eat dark chocolate

Flavonoids, which are plant components that stimulate blood arteries to expand, are rich in dark chocolate and cocoa powder. According to a 2017 review of studies, flavonoid-rich cocoa may lower short-term blood pressure readings in healthy people.

7- Include berries in your diet

Berries are full of polyphenols which are natural plant components that are beneficial to the heart. Polyphenols have been shown to lower the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as improve blood pressure, insulin resistance, and systemic inflammation.

8- Take natural supplements

Some natural supplements may also help lower blood pressure, like fish oil, hibiscus, and whey protein. So try incorporating the best one for you in your diet.

By now, ladies and gentlemen, we hope that we have filled the gap by finding various ways to control your blood pressure. Whether it’s adding foods to your diet, limiting drinks like coffee, or improving activities in your day, reducing high blood pressure naturally is the best way to maintain a balanced blood pressure daily. 

Lastly, stay healthy everyone.