Best 6 Graduate Degrees Worth The Effort


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Mathematics: Mathematicians with a higher degree are amongst the least unemployed people in this country as practically all science and technology related companies require their expertise. Tying up your bachelor’s degree in math and obtaining a graduate degree in a more specific area relating to engineering and/or sciences can significantly boost your value.

Accounting: The real purpose of having a graduate degree in accounting is to allow you to stand out amongst the very large competition and make more money doing so. There is a huge shortage of accountants in colleges and many colleges with respectable programs will easily pay well over $120,000 annually – for starting professors.

Nurse Anesthesia: This degree is ranked number 2 on the Payscale list and also has the highest early-career salary ($140K). An experienced Nurse Anesthetic can make anywhere between 150-220K. The best part about this program is that many universities offer competitive tuition rates; many have set up amazing programs allowing you to work in exchange for free tuition also.

Juris Doctorate (+MBA): Taking a standard Law degree to a whole another level heavily raises your chances of earning big bucks. Combing your law degree with another major allows you to appear more versatile and also saves you the time of having to attain them separately – most programs are packaged for 3-5 year span. However, this is a very difficult endeavor to pursue and should only be undertaken by people who can devote their entire lives to the purpose.

You should not feel upset if your choice of preferred field is not mentioned in this article; these are the best of best – plus, there is simply a much bigger demand for persons highly qualified in technology and science fields. We encourage you to check out the full list of Graduate Degrees by Salary Potential made by Payscale to see where your choice lands; maybe you will find a more suitable alternative option.