10 Motivational Books about Happiness You Must Read


Books play a crucial role in shaping our minds, expanding our knowledge, and broadening our perspectives. They allow us to explore different worlds and learn from the experiences of others. Also, there is other use for books, they can make you happy! Weird right? Well yes, books can actually affect your mood. In this article, I will introduce you to 10 motivational books about happiness that would boost your feel-good feelings.

1. The Happiness Project

 Motivational Book About Happiness

The Happiness Project is one of the best happiness books you can pick up. It is written by Gretchen Rubin, an author who spent a whole year of her life trying to understand what happiness means.

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She begins to document her observations in this book based on the year-long results. This book isI amazing because there is a lot out there to sift through when it comes to suggestions. And while Rubin can’t cover it all, her wisdom can help you find more peace in your life.