6 Chef’s Tips: Easy Meal Preparation, for Busy Days.

When you take time to plan, meal preps take no time at all! It’s simple, there’s no need to get too technical about meal prep, by strategically filling your kitchen and doing a little bit of effort ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy homecooked meals throughout the week with minimal work. 

Tip #1: Fresh Herbs? Wash ASAP!

Wash herbs as soon as you get them from the grocery shop: At the end of cooking, right before serving, when you’re rushing to get to the table, fresh herbs are frequently used. A fantastic way to save time is to grab pre-washed herbs and quickly chop them.

Tip #2: Stock Your Grains & Beans

Stock up quick cooking grains and canned beans: When combined with a protein or one of your freezer sauces, quick-cooking grains like rice, quinoa, and couscous may be the foundation of healthful, filling meals. Adding the canned beans is also a wonderful side that gives colour to your dish and balances your meal.

Tip #3: Pre-Chop Your Veggies!